Embedded Linux

Industrial/Internship Training on Embedded Linux

4/6 Week Course Content

C & C++ programming with data structures + Linux System Programming + QT framework

6 Month Course Content

C & C++ programming with data structures + Linux System Programming + Linux Internal Device Drivers + QT framework + Cross Compilation and Deploying QT App. on mobile or on Embedded Board for controlling some hardware + project

Detailed Course Content: Embedded Linux

Content Covered:

INTRODUCTION to Embedded Linux

1. Definition of Embedded Linux
2. Introduction to Linux
3. Introduction to open source components
4. Advantages of Linux kernel and open source for embedded system
5. Kernel classification (Monolithic kernel and Microkernel)
6. GPL legal issues

Embedded Linux Hardware

1. Embedded Hardware for Linux systems
2. Embedded Linux system Architecture
3. Embedded Linux Development Environment

Linux kernel introduction

1. Linux features
2. Linux versions
3. Linux kernel source
4. Kernel configuration

Embedded Linux Development Environment

1. Cross platform development
2. Host system requirements

Development Tools

1. GCC Compiler
2. GDB Debugger
3. GDB Server
4. Trace and profiling tools

Boot loader & Tool chain

1. Building a cross-compiling tool chain for ARM
2. Boot loaders
3. Configuring cross compilation tool chain Packages
4. Cross compiling and booting a Linux kernel


1. Porting Linux onto ARM based development board.

GUI application Development

1. Introduction to Linux GUI application Development using QT framework. 2. Making connections 3. Laying out Widgets 4. Creating Dialogs 5. Creating main windows 6. Signal and slots