Projects covered during training :

List of some other projects :


1. The Design and Implementation of tablet pc using android in ARM9
2. The applications of Wi-Fi-based Wireless Sensor Network in Internet of Things and Smart Grid.
3. An application of VoIP communication on embedded system in mini2440
4. An Implementation embedded system of Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting Objects for Traffic Surveillance System.
5. Design of embedded media player based on S3C2440 and SDL_FFMPEG
6. Real Time SMS-Based hashing scheme for securing financial transactions on ATM systems
7. Design and implementation of Mouse simulation using gestures on a virtual screen
8. A paperless FAX Machine using arm9
9. Design of embedded system for Automated Road Surveillance System for Speed Violation Detection.
10. Development of embedded web server on ARM9.
11. Research and implementation of embedded face recognition system based on ARM9.
12. Development of embedded Ethernet drivers for ARM9.
13. Color recognition embedded system with augmented reality concept and finger interaction.
14. Design and Development of Embedded Multimedia Terminal.
15. A low-power, low-cost automotive touch screen with real controls.
16. A Smart Home Security System based on 3G.
17. The Research of Qt_Embedded and Embedded Linux Application in the Intelligent Monitoring System Control.
18. Research and development of communication between PC and mobile base on embedded system and GPRS.
19. Customization & Compilation of embedded boot loader (U-BOOT) for ARM9.
20. The Protection of Water Resources Environmental Based on Embedded Linux System.
21. Design and development Embedded Motion Detection system in military applications in Mini2440.
22. A Network Video Device Based on Specific Target Tracking.
23. Design and implementation of Evidence Collecting System from Car Black Boxes.
24. Design and Implementation of the Lab Remote Monitoring System Based on Embedded web technology.
25. Design of Embedded Detection of Sudden Pedestrian Crossings for Driving Assistance systems
26. Design and implementation of virtual keypad in arm9
27. Design of automatic embedded vision of QR code recognition system.
28. Real time car theft decline system using ARM processor
29. Developing voice control system for zigbee based home automation networks.
30. Design and implementation of Drivers drowsiness detection in embedded system
31. The development of the short messaging service (SMS) application for the school usage
32. Design of embedded Automatic detection of human faces in uncontrolled environments: Identification of direction and movement
33. The design of door phone and control system for home secure applications
34. Design and development of Pen drive to Pen drive data transfer using arm9
35. Design of Automatic embedded vision authorized vehicle recognition system.
36. A Voice-Driven Scene-Mode Recommendation Service for portable Digital Imaging Devices
37. A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring
38. Designation and Realization of Ship Navigation System Embedded Platform Based on ARM
39. Developing a smart camera for gesture recognition in HCI applications.
40. The ECG Tele-Monitor Based on Embedded Web Server.
41. A Low Cost Implementation of GPS Guided Driverless Cars.
42. The design of granary environmental monitoring system based on ARM9 and GSM
43. License Plate Location for Vehicles Passing through a Gate
44. A highly area efficient controller for capacitive touch screen panel systems
45. Design of on-line Interactive Data Acquisition and Control System for embedded real time applications.
46. Application of GPRS technology in water quality monitoring system
47. Design of embedded Real time car parking system using image processing
48. The research on Zigbee-based mine safety monitoring system
49. The Electrical Ethernet monitoring system based on embedded Web server.

ARM 7 and 8051

50. The study on design speech-control power point presentation tool.
51. Stride time estimation: Real-time peak detection implemented on an 8-bit, portable microcontroller.
52. Wireless Access Monitoring and Control System based on Digital Door Lock.
53. Solar power wireless monitoring system based on ARM7
54. PIR based Motion Detection Monitoring with Alert using GSM/GPRS Technology.
55. Sensor Network Based Oil well Health Monitoring and Intelligent Control
56. GPS Vehicle Theft Identification and Tracking and Control system.
57. PC Based Weight Scale System with Load Cell for Product Inspection.
58. Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for accidental Monitoring of vehicles.
59. Research on method for real-time monitoring dynamic vehicle loading based on multi-sensors
60. Route planning and user interface for an advanced intelligent transport system.
61. MEMS Accelerometer Based Nonspecific-User Hand gesture Recognition.
62. Missile detection and automatic destroy.
63. Application of environmental Management on energy saving and Green house Gas Reduction. 64. The implementation of serial communication embedded technology in the vehicle alcohol lock
65. Ultrasonic spectacles and waist-belt for visually impaired blind person.
66. An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen with a Trajectory Recognition Algorithm for Hand written Digit and Gesture Recognition.
67. Development of Multi-functional Sensor Module for Energy Saving Air Conditioner System.
68. Field variable Monitoring in Real Time (GPS, soil moisture, Temperature) with precision Farming Applications.
69. Design and technology for 3D MEMS device for vibration energy harvesting.
70. An extensible embedded terminal platform for wireless tele-monitoring
71. Research of intelligent greenhouse remote monitor system based on embedded network and wireless transmission technology
72. The Research of the ZigBee and RFID Fusion Technology in the Coal Mine Safety
73. The design and implementation of intelligent campus security tracking system based on RFID and ZigBee.
74. The Electronic Passport and the Future of Government Issued RFID based Identification
75. RFID and ZigBee based manufacturing monitoring system
76. RFID technology and Zigbee networking in improving supply chain traceability
77. Smart digital door lock for the home automation
78. Supermarket shopping guide system based on Internet of things
79. A sensor network based on RFID inventory for retail application
80. Info Pods: Zigbee-Based Remote Information Monitoring Devices for Smart-Homes
81. More efficient home energy management system based on ZigBee communication and infrared remote controls
82. Design and development of RFID based ration card.
83. Application and Evaluation of High Power Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network in Water Irrigation Control Monitoring System.
84. Design of Monitoring System for Coal Mine Safety Based on Wireless Sensor Network.
85. Research on power quality monitoring system of oil field based on ARM
86. Implementation of ZigBee-GSM based home security monitoring and remote control system
87. ZigBee-GSM based Automatic Meter Reading system.
88. Over Speed Identification with Zigbee and RFID.
89. Design of monitor-and-control system for Supermarket fresh area based on ZigBee
90. Remote Controlling and Monitoring System to Control Electric Circuitry through SMS using a Microcontroller
91. Design and implementation of real time vehicle tracking system.
92. GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services.
93. Time attendance system with multi station and wireless communications.
Biomedical: 94. Body Temperature and Electrocardiogram Monitoring Using an SMS-Based Telemedicine System
95. Non-Invasive Continuous BP Measurement
96. Design and development of BIOFEEDBACK.
97. Design and development of DC Defibrillation Calibration Unit.
98. Design and development of Micro Controller Based Drug Dispenser.
99. Design and development of Micro Controller Based Holter Monitor.
100. Design and development of Nerve and Muscle Stimulator.
101. Design and development of Pace Maker Demonstration Unit.
102. Design and development of R-Wave Detection & BPM Measurement.
103. Portable Micro Controller System for Tremor Analysis.
104. Fall detection By Built-In Tri-Accelerometer of Smartphone.
Robotics: 105. Visual detection of objects in a robotic work area using hand gestures.
106. Design and implementation of low cost intelligent wheelchair.
107. An embedded vision system for robotic fish navigation.
108. A Color-Based Target Localization Method and Its Implementation on Embedded Auto-Mobile Robot System.
109. Design of embedded Traffic sign detection and recognition for intelligent vehicle
110. Embedded control system design for coal mine detect and rescue Robot.
111. Design and development of weather monitoring FLYING Machine.
112. Implementation of Obstacle Avoidance and Zigbee Control Functions for Omni Directional mobile Robot.
113. Design and development of GSM Controlling Robot by SMS.
114. Development of Robot Movement Controlled By Object.
115. The design of intelligent robot based on embedded system
116. Robot Navigation System with RFID and Sensors
117. Development of robotic sewerage blockage detector controlled by embedded systems.
118. A Low Cost Microcontroller Implementation of Neural Network Based Hurdle Avoidance Controller for a Car.
119. Design and Development Of Human Tracking Robot.


1 A contest-oriented project for learning intelligent mobile robots
2 A low cost web based remote monitoring system with built-in security feature for vulnerable environments
3 A smart prepaid energy metering system to control electricity theft
4 Scaling Energy Per Operation via an Asynchronous Pipeline
5 A wearable inertial-sensing-based body sensor network for shoulder range of motion assessment
6 A wireless electrocardiogram detection for personal health monitoring
7 A ZIGBEE SMS alert system with trust mechanism in wireless sensor networks
8 A ZIGBEE-based wireless wearable electronic nose using flexible printed sensor array
9 An apparatus in monitoring the energy charging system
10 An embedded system for an EEG based BCI
11 Application of temperature compensated ultrasonic ranging for blind person and verification using Matlab
12 Automated control system for air pollution detection in vehicles
13 Automatic speed and torque monitoring in induction motors using ZIGBEE and SMS
14 Biomedical sensor network for cardiovascular fitness and activity monitoring
15 Building point of care health technologies on the IEEE 11073 health device standards
16 Capacitive seat sensors for multiple occupancy detection using a low-cost setup
17 Communication networks of domestic small-scale renewable energy systems
18 Coordinator traffic diffusion for data-intensive ZIGBEE transmission in real-time electrocardiography monitoring
19 Design and development of digital PID controller for dc motor drive system using embedded platform for mobile robot
20 Design and development of pic microcontroller based vehicle monitoring system using controller area network (can) protocol
21 Design and fabrication of a miniaturized ECG system with Bluetooth connectivity
22 Dynamic wireless sensor networks for real time safeguard of workers exposed to physical agents in constructions sites
23 Environment monitoring and device control using arm based embedded controlled sensor network
24 High-temperature uhf RFID sensor measurements in a full-metal environment
25 Human health monitoring mobile phone application by using the wireless Nano sensor based embedded system
26 Integrated design of efficient & reliable motor drive and PFC using low cost microcontroller with embedded PGA’s and CLA
27 Intelligent monitoring and control rendered to street lighting
28 Intelligent technologies for self-sustaining, RFID-based, rural e health systems
29 Introduction of electromagnetic image-based chip less RFID system
30 Low power wireless sensor network for building monitoring
31 Mobile robot localization using the phase of passive uhf-RFID signals
32 Multi-platform wireless measurement system for continuous bio-monitoring
33 Optimal angular movement of laser beam in SPR using an embedded controller
34 Passenger bus alert system for easy navigation of blind
35 Portable wireless biomedical temperature monitoring system: architecture and implementation
36 Power consumption in direct interface circuits
37 Remote-control system of high efficiency and intelligent street lighting using a ZIGBEE network of devices and sensors
38 RFID range extensions with low-power wireless edge devices
39 RFID-based digital content copy protection system in movie and audio rental agency
40 Smart host microcontroller for optimal battery charging in a solar-powered robotic vehicle
41 Solar powered water quality monitoring system using wireless sensor network
42 The ultrasonic distance alarm system based on msp430f449
43 Towards the implementation of IOT for environmental condition monitoring in homes
44 Water environment monitoring system based on ZIGBEE technology
45 Wireless access control system based on IEEE 802.15.4
46 Wireless sensor network for multi-storey building: design and implementation
47 ZIGBEE and atmega32 based wireless digital control and monitoring system for led lighting
48 Building point of care health technology on the IEEE 11073 health device standards
49 Monitoring of cigarette smoking using wearable sensors and support vector machines
50 A Low-Complexity Turbo Decoder Architecture for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
51 Scaling Energy Per Operation via an Asynchronous Pipeline
52 ROBOTICS- Covering Points of Interest with Mobile Sensors
53 Concurrent Multiresource Arbiter Design and Applications
54 Distributed Multiple ConstraintsGeneralized Sidelobe Canceler for Fully Connected Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
55 Exponential and Power Law Distribution of Contact Duration in Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
56 On the Reconstruction of Quad-Pol SAR Data From Compact Polarimetry Data For Ocean Target Detection
58 Pragmatic Integration of an SRAM Row Cache in Heterogeneous 3-D DRAM Architecture Using TSV
59 Real-Time Implementation of the Vertex Component Analysis Algorithm on GPUs
60 Real-Time IO Management System with COTS Peripherals


1 Optical flow estimation for flame detection in videos
2 Image sharpness assessment based on local phase coherence
3 Structural texture similarity metrics for image analysis and retrieval
4 Dimensionality reduction for registration of high-dimensional data sets
5 Exploring visual and motion saliency for automatic video object extraction
6 Image in-painting on the basis of spectral structure from 2-d non-harmonic analysis
7 Efficient minimum error bounded particle re-sampling l1 tracker with occlusion detection
8 GPU accelerated edge-region based level set evolution constrained by 2d gray-scale histogram
9 Recursive histogram modification: establishing equivalency between reversible data hiding and lossless data compression
10 Integration of Gibbs Markova random field and Hopfield-type neural networks for unsupervised change detection in remotely sensed multi-temporal images